Martyn Norsworthy

Hi, thanks for stopping by.

I'm Martyn, so heres a little bit about me and why I am a Professional Photographer......

I took my first photo at the age of 4, it was a family holiday to Windsor Castle and my main memory is the need to take a photograph of a statue and fighting my way to the railings to do so. The main part of the memory tho is of my mum trying to hold me back from getting my head stuck in railings!

I was brought up looking through boxes of old photos that my Gran had accumulated, she had lived in the same house all of her life and the photos were of family and social events in the small fishing village. I was fascinated, Weddings, Studio Portraits, men fishing and community events, fancy dress processions for the Coronation and so on.

Its because of having an interest in this I had such a passion to become a photographer, capturing all of these moments and emotions for people to see for generations to come.

To me being a photographer is a life style, its a lot of hours and all times of the day and night, but when its such a visually and emotionally rewarding job it makes up for it. I get to meet so many amazing people and see some interesting places.

I have been lucky over my career to have met and Photographed Celebrities, Royalty and so many happy couples and their families.

I have won many International Awards over the past 10 years and this pushes me to continually shoot at a high level. Competitions are my way of keeping my creative edge sharp and I am always proud to say my work isnt shot for competition. I am lucky enough to see photos everywhere I look. Infact one Winning image came to me in a dream and the end result took 20 mins to set up and capture!

My awards have come from, The International Photography Awards (IPA), Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA), Tokyo International Photo Awards (TIFA), The PX-3 Prix de la Paris (PX-3) and The Society Of Wedding and Portrait Photographers.

I am passioante about Photography, I see and Image, create an Image and capture personality and emotion, can t wait to meet you.


PX-3 Prix de la Paris - 1st Prize Peoples Choice Awards - Weddings 2008

PX-3 Prix de la Paris - 1st & 3rd Prize Peoples Choice Awards - Weddings 2015

PX-3 Prix de la Paris - Multiple Honourable Mention Awards - 2008/2009/2011/2013/2015/2016

International Photography Awards - Honourable Mention Awards 2013/2015/2016

MIFA - Moscow International Foto Awards - Honourable Mention Award 2015

TIFA - Tokyo International Foto Awards - Honourable Mention Awards 2016